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10 Uses for Grip Seal Bags

16 March 2016  |  Victoria

Top 10 Uses For Grip Seal Bags


Grip Seal Bags are a commonly used product throughout the world of packaging and retail. They are lightweight, convenient, easy to use and economicaly effective for a multiple of uses. Here is a selection of 10 of the most common ways grip seal bags can be used either at home or in the workplace. Don't forget they can also be supplied with write-on strips which adds to the efficiency of the bags by making labelling the contents even easier.


1. Food Use

Whether it be chopped/dried fruit, nuts, seeds, biscuits, cereal or even chunks of chocolate, Grip Seal bags help keep foods fresh and tasting delicious. Make up packs of dry foods for retail & personal use or promotional samples. Grip Seal Bags are a commonly used product throughout the world of packaging and retail. They are lightweight, convenient, easy to use and economicaly effective for a multiple of uses.


2. Screws/Nuts/Bolts etc.


Working with small parts can be frustrating when you can't find what you are looking for. Keep all your small parts in a handy grip seal bag where they are secured together. You can even use the ones with write on strips to label the contents of each bag.


3. Buttons

If you work with textiles and upholstery it may be a common occurance for you to have a selection of buttons, sequins, studs etc. Organise and store them as you wish using clear grip seal bags. Easily identifiable and easy to open and reseal after use.

jewellery in grip seal bag



4. Jewellery

From earrings to charms, Jewellery can be a nightmare to keep together. Grip seal bags are a smart, safe and secure way to prevent the loss of an earring, whether for retail or personal use.

brocure in grip seal bag




5. Promotional Leaflets & Brochures

Grip seal bags come in a range of larger sizes to fit promotional materials such as leaflets and brochures. These bags are water resistant so will help protect from the rain and other weather conditions. These bags are also commonly used for order catalogues where reps deliver and collect catalogues for people to browse through at their leasure and order products. Grip seal bags allow for the catalogues to be left outside for collection without being ruined by the wind or rain.

toys in grip seal bag


6. Toys

Keep small parts of toys, games and Jigsaw pieces together in grip seal bags. Prevent game pieces getting lost by securing objects in these bags for storage and retail sales. Can be used for cards, counters, figures, jigsaws and other small pieces that are easily lost if left unsecured.


7. Electricals

Storing electrical appliances and wires can be a difficult task when considering safety. Why not store leads, componants, remotes and other electrical parts together in a secure moisture resistant grip seal bag, keeping everything together and also protecting from dust, grime and water spillages which can cause harm to electrical items.


8. Clothing

Stall owners, car booters or second hand shop sellers make use of these handy clear bags by bundling T-Shirts, socks, jeans, or pairing shoes. Also useful for online clothing sales and waterproof packaging for clothes. money in grip seal bag


9. Money

For regular change carriers such as arcades or cash dominating businesses these grip seal bags can hold a large amount of money. The clear film allows particular coins to be identified quickly and easily and keeps it all together in a secure grip seal.


10. Accessories

From bobbles and bows to hair grips and slides, we all know what a nightmare they can be if not properly contained. They get caught up in carpets, pillow cases and have somehow found their way onto every bathroom sink in history. Grip Seal Bags can put and end to it all. A simple yet effective packaging solution to keep all those hair pieces together, whether it be for use in retail or for personal use in and around the home.


What other uses can you think of to use grip seal bags? Find our selection by visiting the Grip Seal Bags section on our website to find the style and size you require!