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Save the Environment with our Twist Handle Paper Bags

27 June 2019  |  Charlotte

As a provider of packaging goods we need to be sure as a company that we not only keep an eye on own carbon footprint but also that our product range can assist our customers to do the same. 

A big headliner over the past few years has been the environmental cost of the plastic bag, they don't biodegrade, they kill marine life and our landfills and oceans are full of them.  With this in mind we have introduced the Twist Handle Paper Bag to our EzePack range, 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable.  Not at all unfamiliar, once the paper bag was a household name, but over the years it’s favour wavered for modern plastic equivalents.  Now with the need for a more Eco Friendly approach to the products we buy and sell, these seemed like a great addition to our inventory.

EzePack Twist Handle Bags are durable quality paper bags.  The Twisted Paper Handles are attached on the inside of the bag with a reinforced strip which makes them sturdy and very functional. We have three sizes to choose from 190 x 80 x 210mm, 240 x 110 x 310mm and 320 x 140 x 420mm, stocked in both a crisp white with a smooth ribbed or smooth plain finish and Manilla with a smooth ribbed or plain natural finish. 

For the vast percentage of us we hear ‘bag’ and we immediately think carriage of goods and this indeed is a strong contender for their main function but these bags are also fit for more than purpose and hold so many applications.  Set aside already their vast usage within the retail industry, as food Bags perfect for cafes, bakeries and takeaways or general shopping bags for clothing, books and toys etc. paper bags can provide you with so much more.  

Home Storage is a great way to utilise new and old paper bags especially for towels and bedding, you can organise your individual sets, add a fabric softener sheet and the next time you put out new towels or change the bed they will smell as fresh as the day they were washed.  Why not cut up and reuse an old Manilla paper bag to create your own gift wrap and tags for friends and family.  Just personalise with some ribbon or string and use the twist handle to attach your tag, not only do you have attractive gift wrap and saved time and money popping to the shops but you can be happy with the knowledge that you have recycled.   Your old  paper bags can also be a great filler material, just rip scrunch or shred and add to packages you are shipping as a cushion, add to gifts as a packing material or protect fragile items at home or work for storage.  


Why not protect your books at home or school by creating wrap around covers.  Old paper bags are also a great way to keep the children happy, great for arts and crafts drawing and painting on or you could even use them to protect your table top from messy projects.   Another great use for paper bags is believe it or not cleaning windows and mirrors, just scrunch up the bag and scrub away for a streak free shine.  Fruit also ripens faster when placed in a paper bag just roll the top of the bag and leave for a day or so, this doesn't work with plastic bags as Moisture will be trapped and cause the fruit to rot.  Probably the best way to utilize your paper bag is to collect and store your recycling, when full it can be taken to your bin or recycling center without any need to transfer from another receptacle.

As you can see there are a myriad of applications for Twist Handle paper bags and I am sure I have only scratched the surface.  Obviously the main advantage to EzePack Twist Handle Paper bags is that being a paper bag, rather than plastic, these bags are great for your carbon footprint, biodegradable and 100% recyclable and  that is reason enough to make the change from plastic but also remember they can hold so many other uses for home and business too.