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Book Wraps

1 Comment6 February 2014  |  Victoria

Thanks to the internet we have seen a massive change in the way we shop! Everything we could possibly want is available online with just a few clicks. You can even pre-order certain items so that there is no worrying about queuing or stock running out!

As you can imagine this has massively affected the way we buy and read our books, thankfully you can still find book shops dotted around the high streets and who doesn't love a good old rummage through the bookshelves and a sneak peak at the first chapter? Printed books are still a long way from going out of fashion but high street stores are rapidly disappearing and digital versions of books for e-readers and other electronic devices are increasing all the time. Let's face it, as much as many of us love to chill out and read a book, most of us would rather find that new book in the comfort of our own home, surfing the internet, looking for the best deal we can find than to go traipsing around the town!

Research shows that nearly half of the books and CDs bought in the UK in recent years were bought online through sites such as Amazon and The market for second-hand books is also on the rise and people are purchasing second-hand books through sites like Ebay everyday!

So, how do you think these companies and sellers deliver your books to you in such good conditiobook wrapn? They look to people like us here at UK Postal Packaging! Selling top quality packaging materials to assist in the safe delivery of goods through the postal system, for example our wraparound/book packaging.

Book packaging has come a long way in the last few years. Since a lot of books are ordered online and are therefore being delivered separately to personal addresses rather than just in large quantities to a company selling books from a store it is even more important to have strong, durable and effective packaging. This also means that the packaging has to be made to fit much smaller quantities of books. It is no longer good enough to just make a 'one size fits all' type box and leave it at that. Single items packaged in this way are far more likely to be damaged during its travels through the postal system, leading to a very unhappy customer which would end up costing your company more money in the end due to refunds and exchanges for damaged items!

Our book wraps come in a range of different sizes, starting small enough for CDs and progressing upwards right up to A3 size. They are complete with a self seal strip and extended reinforced edge and corner protection, ideal for sending a variety of items through the postal system. A time saving solution, quick and easy to assemble no tape or additional packaging required and open with an easy tear strip. A fine way to ensure safe delivery of books, CDs and much more!