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15 May 2014  |  Victoria

People have used mailing and postal systems, whether private or public for many hundreds of years to distribute letters and parcels to distant areas. To do this we have had to rely on the packaging materials available to us to enclose our goods and protect them through the post. Originally people would most commonly send letters and postcards to friends and relatives, however as time has gone on, modern technology has developed and the postal services have become larger and more reliable, we use it more and more for distributing documents and goods of much greater monetary value. These days, people run businesses that rely solely on the postal system to deliver products and items to clients and customers which also collectively means that the packaging materials used must be practical and fit for purpose.

Now depending on what goods or products you send will determine which sort of packaging product you require. After all you wouldn't want to send a pair of children's jeans in an A3 double walled cardboard box as it just wouldnt be practical or feasible with the cost of packaging and postage. The packaging must be suitable and fit for purpose. Obviously it would be fantastic if we could produce a 'one size fits all' packaging product which made it cheap and practical for mailing but unfortunately this isn't possible, however we do get quite close with our 'EzePack' padded envelopes. Available in a variety of different sizes these padded envelopes are made of strong, durable and protective materials and are also exceptionally lightweight which helps to minimize postage costs and promotes ease of transportation.

The lining of air filled bubbles within the packaging provides protection to even those more delicate items whilst the thick, paper exterior adds durability and strength to the packaging for increased protection when posted, making 'EzePack' padded envelopes suitable for an incredible variety of products.